Refresh your business appearance online

In the spirit of spring, we want to help you refresh your online appearance and make sure you put forward the best first impression. It’s not difficult to accumulate a lot of insignificant content on your website or social networks. With this in mind, we will help you create a better environment for your users, as well as a better reflection of your business online. Here are a few tricks of the trade to find out what your online presence is looking like and how you can sift through your content to refresh and create a new online presence.

Google yourself

It’s as simple as it sounds, go onto Google and type in your business name and see where your business is ranking and what content of yours is coming up to view. In the context of your business, look at the content coming up to see if anything is old, misconstruing, a misrepresentative of your business or offensive. If you don’t like what is being viewed, take it off your website, and send Google a request to take down the information.


Create a new online strategy

Online strategies need to evolve, in order to stay fresh and with the times. A strategy for SEO ten years ago, in fact 1 year ago, will not work on an SEO strategy for this day and age. Your Facebook strategy would not work within the context of today. Rules change, new discoveries emerge; online is always moving forward and adapting. In order to keep your business’ online presence within the context of the day and age, your online strategy needs to adapt as well.


Refresh your website and upload quality content

Don’t put content up if it doesn’t serve a purpose. To ensure your business is not populated with unnecessary content, always ask yourself if the content being uploaded is useful, constructive and will serve a purpose for the user.

If you posted content 2 years ago, it might be old and undated. We suggest you continuously update your website with fresh content. You want your users to come back more often, and in order to do this you need new, quality content.


Use analytics

Analytics should become your best friend. Remember this as you try and figure out what your users want to see on your business page. Use the information gathered from Google Analytics, a reputable analytics website or your social media analytics to see who your audience is, understand what information they find valuable and useful. Use this information to help you move forward and decide what next to share.


Being online makes you accessible to a wider market, so it is important to ensure your impression online is just as good as your face-to-face business communications and services. Your website needs more than an annual update, so use this spring cleaning month, to clean your website up and update it with relevant, quality content.



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