Windows 10 coming soon

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If you’re wondering when Windows 9 was ever launched, not to worry, you didn’t miss anything. Windows has skipped it, and rather put its efforts into developing Windows 10! This article is our way of introducing you to Windows soon-to-be new product.

10 Facts about Windows 10

  1. First things first, you might be wondering when it’s due to be launched so you can get hold of it… Well, digital know-it-alls expect it to come out in 2015 after Microsoft’s Build Conference in May. So keep your eyes open next year.
  2. Sign up to Windows Insider Program; this is Windows’ unique way of having curious IT enthusiasts up to speed with the development and also their way to get them involved in the development of Windows 10.
  3. Windows 10 brings back the old faithful, and much loved, Start menu! Having been one of the main complaints that came from Windows 8, it was not a surprise to hear the come-back of this favourite feature.
  4. You have a choice… you can either view your apps in a new set up; where you hover over your start button and have them displayed next to the start menu options, otherwise if you’re now accustom to seeing your apps on a full screen you can also set it that way with the help of Windows apps!
  5. Expect to ‘snap’ things up faster! With Microsoft’s SNAP feature, it allows users to organise their apps to ensure faster results. So if you want all your work apps on one page together and all your social apps on another you can organise it easily and quickly.
  6. Welcome the new Task View feature. This button can be found next to the Start button, on the bottom left hand-side. This button gives you a chance to view your open apps in one spot.
  7. Continuum is another new feature which allows users to switch from devices, especially when there is no keyboard, allowing the work flow to continue!
  8. Keyboard short cuts will be easily ready to copy and paste in the command you need done.
  9. Not all computers and devices will be able to feature Windows 10. Dated computers and devices will need to be upgraded to enjoy Windows 10.
  10. Due to the development of Windows 10, Windows Explorer will see a new look and feel too.

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