Assembly of Imagination Thursdays

Every Thursday morning the team at Deep Current take time out of their busy schedules to research and share fun and interesting trends with each other.

Here’s what was shared:



Don’t have enough time to read? Well, Blinkist makes reading books a lot quicker! Blinkist basically takes lengthy books and provides the key insights into powerful, actionable, 15 minute reads. Yes 15 minutes! You get to test it out for 3 days for free and then are further billed if you want to continue with this. It can be used for individuals or even teams at work.

Watch this for a better understanding:


Apple’s new music stream

Apple brought the iPod and iTunes, and now has a new service that ‘learns’ your taste from your interaction with music downloads, radio streaming and their streaming music service. The service costs around $9.99 and a family plan for $14.99. Apple’s Siri is also advancing, allowing users to request songs or tracks from any year and era.
Here’s 2 different articles explaining the new Apple music development information; each has a different video you can watch:


Minecraft nifty tricks

This one is for the gamers out there. We have one in our midst; and he’s found a really nifty website that helps you create circular dimensions, which isn’t so easy to do in Minecraft. Plotz, is a FREE HTML5 Modeller for Minecraft which allows you to generate and build spheres, ellipsoids, torus and much more. A 3D and 2D grid is given, allowing you to make your own adjustments. Once you’ve decided on how big, long, wide and high you want it, the grid offers you an indication of how many bricks will take to make the creation. It also gives you a level-by-level grid axis of where each brick will need to be placed.


Facebook video advertising

We’re always on the lookout for ways to improve our clients reach and performance; while doing some research we stumbled upon Facebook’s video ads. We discovered that Facebook has seen a 50% growth in video viewing and 65% of the viewing is from mobiles. It was noted video ads carry the same concept of budgeting, scheduling and targeting, uploading the video to the Facebook ad, and adding supportive text to encourage viewers to click through. Every video has to follow the 20% text rule, much like standard image advertising. It’s rather helpful when users scroll down their newsfeed and a video automatically starts playing, then when the advert has been scrolled passed the video stops playing. Facebook is soon to add Premium video ads, that focus on brands hoping to reach a much wider audience; these ads will be top quality sight, sound and motion ads.
Set up a video ad here:



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