Assembly of Imagination Thursdays: 25th June 2015

The team got together for their Assembly of Imagination meet last week; find out what was shared.

Project Soli

We moved from buttons, to touch screens… now our hand gestures might be the next step in interacting with our devices. Google’s Project Soli is a step into the sci-fi world, where our hand and finger gestures control our devices, already shown to us in the Film Minority report (view the scene here).


Project Soli uses radar technology, motions of your fingers are captured at up to 10,000 frames per second. In lay man’s terms, you will be able to operate any device without touching it. Still not sure how to even fathom this information, then perhaps you should watch the video. It makes the future look pretty exciting!

Project Soli video:


Pioneer Android Auto:

Guilty of driving and texting or talking on your phone? This problem is soon going to be a thing of the past with the new Pioneer Android Auto. It is a built in device, designed with safety in mind. Android Auto, with a simple push of one button, uses powerful new voice actions to minimise distraction and allow the driver to stay focused on the road.

Watch how this new innovative device works:


Minecraft creative inspiration:

Okay, it’s official; our team mate is hooked on Minecraft… For creative inspiration for the game, and to show fellow gamers what can be created; we were shown this quick video on the possible aesthetics of Minecraft.


Watch for inspiration:



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