UberCHOPPER Campaign a cunning plan in disguise

The Vodacom Durban July is a day to make a statement and what better way than to arrive in a helicopter? From the media to the rich, famous and regular folk; crowds of people will be flocking to the much anticipated Vodacom Durban July.  Uber has really taken advantage of the scope of exposure and chance of gaining potential new and wealthier Uber customers. We think their UberCHOPPER competition for the Vodacom Durban July is a cunning plan in disguise, here’s what they have set up…

Uber has invited people to enter their competition to win the chance of a VIP experience for 3 for the 2015 Vodacom Durban July, including an uberCHOPPER ride to the event! To enter you have to register to be an Uber user. On the 4th July, users will have to quickly set up their pick up location on their mobile and tap the DBN July button at 8.30am. The quickest entrant will have Uber arrive in minutes to whisk the winner and their 2 friends to the Vodacom Durban July in style.


Marketing lessons to learn from Uber:

  1. Take advantage of real time opportunities. Knowing this big event will be attracting many people from across the country, and will be trending on social media and in conversations; it is a perfect opportunity to market their product and create even more of a conversation around their UberCHOPPER experience.
  2. Know your target market. Uber is set up for the middle to higher LSM. Therefore the Vodacom Durban July is a great platform for them to take advantage of.
  3. Using mobile. Uber is an app for Android, iPhones, Blackberry 7 and Windows phones. The use of mobile is growing in South Africa and Uber are using that to their advantage.
  4. There is a significant element of ‘guerrilla marketing’ in this UberCHOPPER campaign on Saturday (‘guerrilla marketing’ focuses on using low cost unconventional marketing tactics to spread the word about the brand). Although there is a cost to the UberCHOPPER campaign, they haven’t had to sponsor the Vodacom Durban July to get the attention over the day of the event.


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