UberCHOPPER Campaign a cunning plan in disguise

The Vodacom Durban July is a day to make a statement and what better way than to arrive in a helicopter? From the media to the rich, famous and regular folk; crowds of people will be flocking to the much anticipated Vodacom Durban July.  Uber has really taken advantage of the scope of exposure and chance of gaining potential new and wealthier Uber customers. We think their UberCHOPPER competition for the Vodacom Durban July is a cunning plan in disguise, here’s what they have set up…

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USSD in Africa

Think about all the times you’ve had to dial star (*) and a three digit code, followed by hash (#), to upload airtime to your phone, to help view your cell phone services or even used one to assist you in paying a few accounts. This star and hash based dial-in service is called USSD. USSD’s presence in South Africa and Africa is growing, in particular with digital mobile marketing campaigns and business applications.

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The New SEO Landscape and its cost to Marketers

by Mark Pape, Chief of innovation at Deep Current

In 2003
Ten years ago, if any web designer took the time to add basic keywords to a client’s website pages, the client would appear on the first page on Google. We did this back then for our clients; one of which was Ivor Hamilton, a wedding photographer in Durban South Africa. His website www.ivorhamilton.co.za enjoyed first place position for the search phrase “Wedding Photographer Durban” for many years. Continue reading

What’s NEW on Facebook?

Facebook is continually updating their functions and in one year we have seen a whole new timeline layout, the ability to schedule posts, Facebook advertising, and promoted posts. So what is Facebook’s latest tip that can help us as businesses marketing our brands better on Facebook?  A while back we discussed Edgerank, the algorithm that Facebook use to determine what people see in their newsfeed. Images and Video are most popular while trending topics trump general status updates. Continue reading

Photo Editing Programs

Instagram recently revealed that they have 27 million registered members. Picasa updated their version of Photo Editing and Photoshop is still the costly option when choosing a photo editing program.

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Facebook cover photo guidelines

At the end of this month all Facebook pages will switch over to the Timeline layout. With this change comes new Facebook guidelines.

Facebook has already shut down a few Facebook pages for not following their guidelines, so we recommend you read the guidelines below and follow them correctly to avoid losing your page and all your followers. Continue reading

How do I get fans to see my Facebook page?

This question is a FAQ across the social media board, and it is a valid and serious one at that. Facebook makes it rather tricky to get small to medium business names out there. There are a whole bunch of specifications that get your posts on your fans’ newsfeeds, and the term coined for this is Edgerank. So what defines Edgerank? Edgerank is calculated by the strength of a post, the stronger a post the more people it will reach and the higher the Edgerank. But how do you write a strong post? Continue reading