Like if you agree, Share if you’re guilty

Facebook is undergoing a clean-up ensuring News Feeds are no longer cluttered up with spam. The three areas they are focusing on will be “Like-baiting”, frequently circulated posts, and spammy links. If you manage a page, we suggest you stop the “Like this” posts and really start to produce relevant, relatable content for your page followers. Not only will your content stay on News Feeds, it will also draw more people to your business page and create a better conversation.

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Heart Bleed

Security upgraded on our servers

A significant vulnerability in OpenSSL software was announced on Monday this week, impacting the Internet worldwide.This security flaw other known as the “Heartbleed bug”, has shocked many security companies and put many people in worry mode. We would like to ensure that we have addressed this issue.

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Social Media Awareness Campaigns

Before social networks started taking over our everyday existence, the only time we would know of an awareness campaign was if we happened to see promoters in shopping centres, little money tins at the tills when paying for groceries or through teachers that felt a strong urge to educate pupils. Some campaigns were lucky enough to afford a mention on radio, have an advert run on TV or someone write about it in a magazine. Nowadays, social media has become the most effective, fast spreading and easy way to create awareness campaigns! 

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Social Media lessons from the Oscar Trial

We’re in the third week of the Oscar Pistorius trial and hashtags like #OscarTrial and #OscarPistorius are still going strong across the international landscape of social media, especially on Twitter. Some say it’s sensationalism, while others are engrossed in the minute to minute accounts updated throughout the day. Whether we are haters or lovers of all the attention given to the Oscar Pistorius trial, there is something we can analyse and take from this viral frenzy.

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Design Indaba Experience and Takings

The Design Indaba is an incredible opportunity for ‘creatives’ to inspire and educate South Africans on current trends, and winning design formulas and concepts from around the world. The Design Indaba was a three day affair; I managed to squeeze in a good part of Day 2 at the Design Indaba, simulcast from Durban’s Blue Waters Hotel. With no expectations on arrival, and a lot to take in, I can certainly say I walked away with a few fundamentals I think can work in any environment.  


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Industry News: Whatsapp with Facebook?


News broke about Mark Zuckerberg’s $19 billion deal with Whatsapp this past week. It was an industry shocker to say the least; the last time we saw a huge deal with a heavy weight tech company was when Yahoo! paid $1.1 billion for Tumblr.  Is there something we are missing when it comes to the value of these smaller evolving tech companies or is there method to the mad sums of money offered? We try and bring some perspective to this Facebook deal.

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A Designer’s point of view on Responsive Websites


As a graphic designer, I have had my fair share of web design projects and know how they can be arduous and time consuming. When mobile devices started accessing the internet, designers were challenged and required to recreate new,and separate, versions of websites for smaller screens on mobiles, iPads, Tablets and Phablets. This was certainly a test on our patience, work efficiency and time management. Luckily for us, responsive web design has changed the ball game, and I often wonder how we survived without this simple, time effective process to begin with!

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What we expect to see this year

It’s a new year and with that comes expectations for new digital trends. We’re not really going to dive into the obvious, like Facebook changing its look and feel a few times throughout the year, an outrageous video to go viral or the development of another app that makes your world that much more easier and convenient. We’re looking towards trends that we expect to make a difference to your marketing mix in 2014.

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Infographics: A picture is worth a thousand words

We often throw the word “Infographics” around in marketing and advertising industries; however clients aren’t too sure of what this word really means and entails. Unknowingly, many clients come across infographics, but have not known what to call them. So here’s my attempt at helping clients and business owners understand what infographics are and show how they will be valuable in their marketing mix. Continue reading