eCommerce and Online Shopping

The essence of eCommerce is carrying out transactions online. eCommerce allows the easy selection of goods and processing of payments such that the entire sale happens online.

eCommerce & Online ShoppingTypical transactions are:

  • Shopping websites
  • Subscription registrations

Deep Current will integrate Secure Payment Gateway connections from your website to any of the preferred gateways recommended by your bank.

Shopping Cart Systems

Advanced Shopping Cart solutions do understand that online support is still needed so it is wise to include online support systems and have dedicated staff to help customers make their purchase or field enquiries. Once the online transaction is complete the system needs to integrate seemlessly with the retailer’s warehousing, accounting and management systems.

Our shopping cart ability extends to include the following and more:

  • Content Management
  • User Management
  • Product Management
  • Order Management
  • Stock Management
  • Tracking and Statistics
  • Payment Gateway integration
  • Online Support Management

eCommerce ServicesRecommended South African Payment gateways

How the process works

  • Seek advice from your Bank on which “Payment Gateway” to use. This determines whether you need a Merchant Account with your bank.
  • If required, Register an “Online Merchant account” with your bank.
  • Create Trading Account with your banks recommended “Payment Gateway” or one of the above.
  • Note that Monthly fees and transaction fees may apply for BOTH the Payment gateway and the Bank.
  • Request us to integrate the Payment Gateway for you.

Read more about these South African Payment Gateways

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