Flash Design

Flash DesignFlash animation is a fantastic technology that allows you to offer television grade animations and video. The website visitor can sit back and enjoy the show as the Flash movie delivers the message to the client with animation, sound, and possibly video. There is a right and wrong way to construct Flash movies, if a flash designer is not careful he/she can create large files. Deep Current ensures your Flash is designed with download speeds in mind… there should be a balance between creativity and practical usability.

Benefits of Flash

Flash animation loads faster when its vector properties are well used.
Flash gives the user a more responsive, rich and flowing experience.

Potential Downfall of Flash

If Flash is not implemented correctly it can cause Search Engine Optimisation issues. Deep Current implements Flash that is Search Engine friendly.

Types of Flash Solutions

Product Presentations for Sales and Marketing, either on your website, or on a CD presentation. All styles and sizes of Flash adverts for your online advertising campaigns.

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