Websites for Mobile Phones (Mobi Sites)

Mobile Websites for Mobile PhonesThe most used tool on any Mobile phone after Voice calls and SMS is: “Search”. Searching on Google will be the most used mobile application for some time to come.

Information-on-demand is the nature of the mobile marketing space. Mobile devices are changing the way we communicate with customers. If we can “Google” an answer to a question on a mobile phone in a matter of seconds you need to ask yourself: Is my website ready to be viewed when it appears in the results?

The statistics speak for themselves
14 million mobile Internet users in SA. 5 million Internet users in SA. 1 in 6 Google searches in SA originate off a mobile device. If your customers are interacting in these spaces your website must be constructed to be viewable there.

Mobile phone Internet Browsers are different to PC/Mac Internet Browsers, specifically because of the small screen size but also because processing power and download time is limited on these smaller devices.

Your website needs to be PC/Mac and Mobile phone compatible.

What to expect from Deep Current

Your mobile website will render in all web-browser enabled smart phones, from the extremely small and rare 76px wide phones to the large tablet sized iPads at 768px wide. Our rendering engine handles the sizing of images and the responsive design aspects of your website template. Our CMS (Content Management System) will also generate code compatible with all currently used mobile phones.

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