Online Advertising

Targeting your online market is easily done with Deep Current. We assist you in your Online Marketing to gain the measurable Sales results you need.

We can assist with:

  • Ad Network Management
  • Google Adwords Management

Ad Network Management

An important function of all eMarketing strategies is to funnel your advertising to relevant platforms. Ad Networks identify the behaviour of web users and therefore are able to continuously provide relevant ad informationĀ on a market relevant platform.


Google Adwords Management

Google Adwords allows you to display your adverts next to the keyword searches that you choose. When a user types in one of your chosen keywords your ad appears above or to the right of the search results.


Facebook Ad Management

Facebook allows you to display targeted adverts based on the exact demographics and likes people have. Your ad only appears to the correct people and this means that your campaign costs are trackable and efficient.


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