Content Management Systems

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

A Content Management System (CMS) in the context of Website Solutions is a system that allows the owner, or multiple users, of a website to easily maintain / update the content on a regular basis. Another term for a Content Management System is a “Self-Managed System”.

A Content Management System may be created usingĀ  ‘open-source’ software, ‘paid’ software or ‘custom’ software developed from scratch according to client specifications. Deep Current has worked with all 3 types of solutions.

Types of Content Management Systems

An Open Source Content Management System is a modular solution that allows the developer to combine already created functions into one website solution. This reduces development time for very common functions that a website needs such as Blogs, News, Shopping, Photo Galleries, File Management and general page content editing. Although the back-end code may be 80% complete the website user interface, navigation, layout and flow considering the clients goals still needs to be planned, designed and created. Having the back-end code is only half the job, alot of the real work is ensuring the website user enjoys a good interface and that they are driven to the goals of the website. This is done by theming the Content Management System to look and perform in the way the client intends, and creating copy and imagery that is engaging and web ready.

An Paid Content Management System is also modular and does exactly the same as Open Source and you need to perform the same tasks mentioned above to get the results you need. The reason for using paid for software or modules (even in open source) is to buy into advanced solutions you do not want to build yourself, this can still be a more viable option instead of developing a custom solution. It is possible to develop an Open Source Solution and then pay for specific advanced modulesĀ  that you may need to be added. Paid services may be monthly or once off or both depending on licensing.

An Custom Content Management System requires a different approach. Essentially the solution is customised for a specific purpose, usually improving a business process through a Web Application e.g. An online Accounting System customised for a business offering an industry specific solution.

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