Search Engine Marketing Services (SEM)

Would you print a glossy brochure and leave it in the cupboard?

When you publish your website it must already have been prepared for search engines and have a search engine strategy. You will need to consider Paid Search, Organic Search, Location based Search and Link Building. All are essential tools for you to gain online business.

Organic Optimisation (SEO)

The success of an online marketing campaign has a lot to do with optimising your website for search engines so that they index and then rank you highly.


Paid Search (CPC, Google Adwords)

Paid search mostly refers to CPC advertising, or Cost-per-Click advertising, where you place advertising on Search Engines (and other websites) to generate leads to your own website.


Location Based Search Results (Google Maps)

Our Google Maps set-up service is available to anyone wanting to benefit from location based serach results on Google’s Search Engine.


Link Building (Organic Search)

Link building improves your Organic results on Search Engines. It recognises that as part of The Google Page Rank Algorithm, your websites popularity, i.e. no of links to your website, is a gauge of the importance of your website and thus where google should position you in its index.