SMS Keywords and SMS Shortcodes

SMS Keyword Marketing

SMS Keywords allow easy information-on-demand services within your Advertising.

We provide these SMS Keyword services:

  • SMS Enquiry -> Email Response
  • SMS Enquiry -> SMS Response
  • SMS Enquiry -> Mobile website link

How it works

  1. You choose an SMS Keyword of your choose e.g. “bens motors”
  2. We set-up your Keyword and your SMS or Email response on our system
  3. You add your Keyword (and instructions) to your advertising.
  4. Customers SMS your Keyword to our shortcode number 34XXX.
  5. We deliver information back instantly.
  6. We also report back to you with details of the Enquiry.

SMS Shortcode Marketing

SMS Shortcodes are 5 digit numbers e.g. 34745. These numbers are shorter than normal 10 digit mobile numbers and are easier to remember by customers and therefore better to use within marketing.

You can ask readers of your advertising to sms their name, an answer to a question, enter a competition, a keyword etc.

SMS Shortcodes can be shared or dedicated. “Dedicated” means the shortcode can be for your exclusive use. “Shared” means you will have a keyword assigned to your profile and you may only allow respondents to sms your keyword and a message, the keyword sent in the sms identifies the enquiry as being for you.

To enquire about any of our services, please contact us here or request a quote.