SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is fairly broad ranging from Bulk SMS, to SMS Keywords and SMS Shortcodes. Our solutions are ECT Act and CPA Act compliant.

Typical uses are:

  1. Reminders (appointments, meetings)
  2. Competitions
  3. Bulk SMS Promotions
  4. Auto-Birthday SMSes
  5. Auto-Reminder SMSes
  6. Auto-Reply SMSes
  7. Custom application development

Managed Bulk SMS Services

Very often we find clients needing us to assist with their Bulk SMS Campaigns and this is why we offer this service.  Bulk SMS allows a cheap method of messaging your known customer database.

The service includes:

  • Once-off Campaigns
  • Bounce and subscription management
  • “Stop” / Blacklist Management
  • Personalisation
  • Database management

To enquire about any of our services, please contact us here or request a quote.