Social Media Services

Deep Current’s Social Media Strategy

Social media platforms are about paying-it-forward, being social and not promoting your latest marketing message directly to your community. Your marketing succeeds because you’re transparent in your social media interactions.

If you want fans – be social! Create engaging, shareable, remarkable content and provide feedback that is relevant to the “Brand’s Personality”. Be real, be truthful and use your best judgement. Your primary goals are “Brand Loyalty” and “Brand Awareness”, from this position you can leverage your Social Media Goals and increase Business Sales.

Planning Process

  1. Establish Client Goals
  2. Create a Social Media Strategy
    1. Platform Specific Goals
    2. Tactics to increase awareness
    3. Develop an Engagement Model
  3. Implement Tracking, Measurement and Reporting

Managed Service

Deep Current will create an integrated long-term campaign that speaks with your “Brand Voice” and is completely managed by us so you don’t need to worry. This service includes: Community Management, Strategy, Design, Professional Copywriting and where required Customised Web Development to run any promotions through your social media.

Assisted Service

Usually for smaller businesses. We mentor and assist you through using social media to get the best advantage while you and your staff manage the interactions.


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