Website Design

At Deep Current, web design is much more than having the technical know-how, it is about delivering a strong and bold statement to your customers about your company’s brand and professionalism. To this end we ensure that we use best practices in marketing, graphic design, web technology and information architecture. We are constantly researching new developments in our industry. One of our key strengths is understanding and preparing content correctly to allow the best user navigation, site layout, search engine optimisation and visitor download time. This in turn allows us to achieve our client objectives successfully.

We have packages that may suit your immediate needs, we have website design packages, website maintenance packages and if you need any custom work we can offer custom website development.

We make sure your website design has/is:

  • Engaging & Interactive
  • Responsive for Mobile Devices
  • A UX & UI approach
  • Strategy & Conversion Performance in mind
  • Compatible with all Browsers
  • Standards Compliant
  • A Fast page download

These are websites we are proud of

  1. (2014, Security door and window Business, Mobile ready, CMS)
  2. (2014, Architect Representatives, SEO, Mobile ready, CMS)
  3. (2013, CCTV Business, SEO, Mobile ready, CMS)
  4. (2012, Photocopier Business, e-commerce, CMS)
  5. (2012, FMCG, SEO, Mobile & Tablet ready, CMS)
  6. (2012, HIV/Aids NGO (Pro-bono), Mobile ready, CMS)
  7. (2013, Mediator Business, SEO, Logo Design, CMS)
  8. (2013, Property Developer, SEO, CMS)
  9. (2013, Conference, SEO, CMS)
  10. (2012, Accommodation, SEO, CMS)
  11. (2012, HIV/Aids NGO (Pro-bono), UX & UI, Design, CMS)
  12. (2009, Canon Franchise, SEO)

To enquire about any of our services, please contact us here or request a quote.